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Our clients frequently ask us questions for a wide range of business topics. This blog page was created as a medium for us to not only update our site's visitors with some of the latest industry news as it relates to business, technology, social media, digital marketing, SEO and security, but to also share some of the more interesting and relevant questions our clients have asked us concerning some of these very same topics. We respect our clients' privacy and it is very important to us that we only share their questions along with informative answers or tips; it is for this reason our customers' identities are kept anonymous.

As per our own Privacy Policy, we will NOT publicly display PII (Personally Identifiable Information), such as someone's social profile link, email address or full name. If you make a post comment and you provide a social profile link, we will assume that you only wish to display your social profile picture along with your comment. If you provide a link to a business website with a post comment, we will assume that you wish to display the business name and logo with your comment.

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